BEAT DA BEAT hits Android, iOS: one bullet for every note

Previously greenlit on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux, BEAT DA BEAT will be released for Android and iOS in August. Created by the folks at Nekki in Moscow, this game takes the music of some heavy dubstep musical artists and creates a bullet-hell genre game that dances to the beat. BEAT DA BEAT has flying enemies jamming lasers down your phone while they appear, blast, and shine to the music. "Absolutely everything – enemy's actions, moves, shooting – is build on the base of the song that is currently playing."

Before you go any further, know that this game contains what its creators describe as "aggressive hardcore dubstep." If you're OK with that, and you're not prone to seizures, by all means continue. This game is all about saving your best buddy from "the claws of [a] treacherous villain."

With the beats.

To do so, you'll need to dive in with massive amounts of lasers, "powering through every imaginable dander and beating [the villain's] minions to mind-blowing soundtracks of different styles composed by amazing artists." Music, that is to say. Music by a variety of artists like: Waterflame, The Biocide, Lone-X, Levelate, and J-Broadway.

While we do not know the exact release date of this game on mobile platforms, we do know that it'll be released before the end of the year. Its creatures suggest that it'll be coming to the following:

• Android

• iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

• Windows Phone

That means you'll be able to play this game on basically any device you happen to have on hand, mobile or desktop. Sound good? Stick around here and at Beat-The-Beat for more information. We'll be dropping more beats into our Gaming Hub soon!