Beans spilt on Treo 680 & Cingular 8525 prices – Updated!

Chris Davies - Oct 28, 2006

God bless leaked presentations.  Thanks to what we can only assume is a careless marketing bod, a Cingular smartphone presentation reveals that the Treo 680 is provisionally due for release on November 5th, with a list price of $424.99 that drops sharply towards the $200 mark depending on how willing you are to sell your cellphone-soul.  Details after the cut, people.

Price breakdown for the Palm Treo 680 is as follows:

  • $349.99 one year contract
  • $249.99 one year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate)
  • $274.99 two year contract
  • $174.99 two year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate)

HTC Hermes/Cingular 8525 

For those of you who prefer your OS to be Microsoft-flavoured, you’re looking at an October 29th release date for the Cingular 8525 (aka HTC Hermes), with prices as follows:

  • $559.99 unsubsidised
  • $484.99 one year contract (with a $50 rebate if you stump up for unlimited data)
  • $409.99 two year contract (same rebate offer applies)

Cingular 8525

Cingular 8525

Linquist [via Engadget Mobile]

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