BeamBox MiLi universal charger offers twin USB power

Chris Davies - Jul 31, 2009, 7:21 am CDT
BeamBox MiLi universal charger offers twin USB power

BeamBox have taken a few minutes out of their busy pico-projector schedule to give us this, the surprisingly useful MiLi universal charger.  A palm-sized block with interchangeable US, UK, Australian and European plug adapters, the MiLi also has a flip-out in-car plug, and provides juice to two USB ports.

That means you could feasibly recharge your phone and iPod simultaneously, or your wireless mouse and your Bluetooth headset.  Each of the USB ports has an LED to show charge status of the attached gadget, with 5V/500mA provided to both sockets.

Since an international adapter is no use if it blows up with a slightly higher voltage supply, the MiLi is content with 12-24V DC power or 100-240V AC power.  There’s also over-current and short-circuit protection, not to mention nine different colors to choose from.  The BeamBox MiLi Universal Charger is available to pre-order now, priced at $37/£20.

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