BBC stream live TV to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Chalk up another success for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: the BBC have added live TV streaming functionality to Nokia's touchscreen media phone.  Available at through the 5800's browser, the service offers current content from all of the BBC's mainstream and digital channels.

Obviously any video streaming on this scale is going to hoover up data, and so there's a big warning message advising that the BBC service was intended for those with WiFi connections.  However 3G HSDPA will also work, just make sure you have an unlimited package.

The video streams using RealPlayer on the 5800 XpressMusic (which must have the latest official firmware), and right now the site is locked to the Nokia handset's browser; attempting to view it on a different device throws up an error message.  We'd also presume that you'll need to be in the UK in order to receive the content.

[via Electricpig]