Battletoads coming to Xbox One

The game Battletoads will be coming to Xbox One – not a new version of it, but the original, as part of a RARE collection of games. The title you'll be aiming for here is called RARE Replay. It's a set of 30 games in one box, coming to Xbox One on August 4th. There it'll cost $30 and will have a history lesson in RARE-developed games of all sorts. You can stop calling the pawn shop looking for the game now, Battletoads is here.

You'll also find games like Killer Instinct, R.C. Pro-AM (32 tracks of racing thrills), Banjo-Kazooie, and Perfect Dark. Below we've included a list of all 30 titles that'll be released with this game. Remember this is all included in a single package for Xbox One.

1. Jetpac (released in 1983, 1-2 players)

2. Atic Atac (released in 1983, 1 player)

3. Lunar Jetman (released in 1983, 1-2 players)

4. Sabre Wulf (released in 1984, 1-2 players)

5. Underwurlde (released in 1984, 1 player)

6. Knight Lore (released in 1984, 1 player)

7. Gunfright (released in 1986, 1-2 players)

8. Slalom (released in 1987, 1-2 players)

9. R.C. Pro-Am (released in 1988, 1 player)

10. Cobra Triangle (released in 1989, 1 player)

11. Snake Rattle N Roll (released in 1990, 1-2 players)

12. Digger T. Rock (released in 1990, 1-2 players)

13. Solar Jetman (released in 1990, 1 player)

14. Battletoads (released in 1991, 1-2 players)

15. R.C. Pro-Am II (released in 1992, 1-4 players)

16. Battletoads Arcade (released in 1994)

17. Killer Instinct Gold (released in 1996, 1-2 players)

18. Blast Corps (released in 1997, 1 player)

19. Banjo-Kazooie (released in 1998, 1 player)

20. Jet Force Gemini (released in 1999, 1-4 players)

21. Perfect Dark (relased in 2000, 1-4 players)

22. Banjo-Tooie (released in 2000, 1-4 players)

23. Conker's Bad Fur Day (released in 2001, 1-4 players)

24. Grabbed by the Ghoulies (released in 2003, 1 player)

25. Perfect Dark Zero (released in 2005, 1-4 players locally, up to 32 players online)

26. Kameo: Elements of Power (released in 2005, 1-2 players locally or online)

27. Viva Piñata (released in 2006, 1-2 players locally)

28. Jetpac Refuelled (released in 2007, 1-2 players locally or online)

29. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (released in 2008, 1-2 players locally, up to 4 players online)

30. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (released in 2008, 1-2 players locally or online)

Above you'll also see a trailer for this release. At this time it's not clear whether this title will be relegated to Xbox One or if it'll come to Windows PC as well. Don't count on a PlayStation push any time soon.

Sound good to you? Let us know if you're going to be all about the continuation of the games preservation movement going on right this minute in the games industry. What other games would you like to see restored to their original glory for new consoles and PCs?