Battlefield Hardline Beta sign-up goes live: here’s how to play today

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014
Battlefield Hardline Beta sign-up goes live: here’s how to play today

This afternoon the folks at DICE, Visceral Games, and Electronic Arts have released the Battlefield Hardline Beta for all to join in on. This is a closed Beta, which means not everyone in the world is invited in, but is also open in the sense that you’ll be able to stream your gameplay live and upload gameplay videos at will.

If you’re a PC or PS4 Battlefield player, you’re in luck – if you play Battlefield on Xbox One exclusively, you’ll have to wait. The Beta release today works with PC gamers through Origin and with the PlayStation 4. If you have Battlefield 4 now – which you could have downloaded for free last month – you’ll be able to launch into Battlefield Hardline today quick.

You’ll want to begin by heading to the closed beta signup page at Battlefield dot com. This page asks for your date of birth and for you to select your platform. You’ll need to log in to Origin as well as the PlayStation Network depending on your choices here.

Just for signing up for the Beta, EA is giving users Weapon camo/skin for the game once it launches in full, a new weapon sight, and “additional Battlefield Hardline content.” This signup also gives you a unique dog tag for Battlefield 4. This gear will be available on October 21st, 2014, when the game launches in full.

Above you’ll see a 6-minute multiplayer gameplay video from the official Battlefield feed. Stick around SlashGear as we jump in on Battlefield Hardline ourselves as soon as we can!

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