Battlefield 5 Battle Royale detailed (while we wait)

Battlefield V (or 5, whatever you want) FIRESTORM was revealed today by EA and Origin. Firestorm is the Battle Royale of Battlefield 5, bringing a wild new approach to the game mode that's become wildly popular over the past year. Starting in at around the 1-minute mark here in the newest trailer for the impending launch of the game.

In Firestorm, Battlefield players appear in 16 teams of 4 "to become the last squad standing in the largest Battlefield map ever." You hear that? A bigger map! Some day we're going to be playing Battlefield on a full-scale replica of our entire planet earth – because why not?! Now we'll have to settle for some fire in a big pit.

But Firestorm includes "a sandbox" of interactive items. Destroyable buildings, weaponry, and vehicles are coming to this game mode. I can only imagine how taxing that's going to be to even the most hearty of graphics cards right this minute.

For the rest of the game – that's in the video too. This video is 6.28 minutes long, and it actually appears to contain gameplay, believe it or not! For those of you nay-sayers for the most awesome of modifications done to this historical drama of a first-person-shooter, they've now got this tagline ALL OVER the place: "This is World War 2 like you've never seen or played before." No matter how you chop it, that much is true.

Open Beta for Battlefield 5 begins on September 6th, 2018. That's right on our doorstep! It's Thursday of this week, just in time for all the high school kids to make a long weekend of it. Just so long as they get their "I'm at home sick, super sick" stories in order well in advance.

The ultimate launch date for the game is November 20th, 2018. That's also very near, very near indeed. It gives us time to get through Halloween and plenty of time to play the Beta. Beta time enough to get addicted, anyway – let's do it!