Battlefield 3 aims to push limits on PS3 hardware

Those of you waiting for the PlayStation 3 version of the next big bad war game Battlefield 3 will be glad to hear that its creators are not only bringing the game to the PS3 for certain (if you did not know, that is,) they're also having to push the limits of the console to bring it. And bring it they shall, DICE developers letting the world know that both the PS3 and the the Xbox 360 versions will be competitively polished to keep up with the PC version, the PS3 version in particular getting a double dose of optimization.

It was in an interview with none other than the official PlayStation blog that DICE Producer Patrick Liu let loose some pointed factoids on the upcoming Battlefield game. There's currently an open beta of the game going on inside the PlayStation Network, so questions came to Liu from real-live players of the game (through PSBlog, of course):

PSB:That level you showed on the PS3 was huge, but it was also highly detailed — I saw mirrored floors, reflective surfaces, tons of special effects and physics with a smooth frame rate. Are you confident that PS3 players are going to get a great experience?

Patrick Liu: Oh yeah. We're very confident – we're pushing the hardware big-time. Of course, we have a performance budget that we have to hit. Everything counts into that: the scale costs performance, destruction, animation, special effects...those are all the things we cram in there. I feel really good about where we ended up with on the PS3.

PSB: There are a lot of military shooters these days. What's the biggest thing Battlefield 3 is bringing to the table?

Patrick Liu: It's a number of things. For a very long time, the core pillars of Battlefield have been the destruction, the sandbox experience, the scale, and the vehicle gameplay. Those are all still pretty unique to Battlefield, I'd say. My first Battlefield game was Bad Company.

It's time for war, PS3 fans, massacres before October 25th, the release date for the full game. THis look like the massive blast of war you've been looking for?