Battlefield 2021 reveal teased for this summer

We've already had confirmation from EA and DICE that there will be a new mainline Battlefield game this year, but aside from that, the two companies have remained tight-lipped on the title. Of course, we don't expect the new Battlefield game to launch until late autumn, as that's when most Battlefield games in recent memory have launched, but we're expecting the actual reveal to happen sometime this summer. Today, DICE may have given us a window for that official reveal.

The official Battlefield Twitter account is teasing something today, and that something seems to be the reveal of the next Battlefield game. "Words that rhyme with Soon: June, Boom" the tweet reads, suggesting that the new Battlefield game – whatever it may be called – will be officially revealed next month.

We probably won't get a ton of details when that reveal happens, as we're more likely to just get an announcement trailer and a title for the game. Still, that should be enough to confirm the setting for the next Battlefield game, and maybe if we're lucky we'll even get a few looks at gameplay from the title.

Up to this point, information on the next Battlefield game has been sparse. Toward the end of April, DICE confirmed that it was working on the title alongside DICE LA, Criterion, and EA Gothenburg. In that same blog post, we were told that this new Battlefield is a "bold step" for the franchise that would support "more players and mayhem than ever before."

That means DICE has already set the expectation that this is going to be the biggest Battlefield game ever, so we'll see what the company reveals in June. Unfortunately, we don't a precise date for this reveal, but we'll let you know when DICE and EA announce more.