Battlefield 1 trailer analysis reveals more WWI historical accuracy than expected

Battlefield 1 took the FPS world by surprise a little over a week ago, with its debut trailer revealing a World War I setting, albeit with a sort of alternate timeline take on things. While some gamers were surprised that developer DICE would take its flagship series so far back in time when all the other war games have moved on to modern and futuristic settings, the history buffs on YouTube channel The Great War went with the flow and instead made a detailed breakdown of the trailer's historical accuracy.

While the video runs 15 minutes long, The Great War's shot-by-shot breakdown pours over the technology and equipment that appears in Battlefield 1's trailer, comparing to what was used in WWI. It turns out DICE has done a much better job at keeping the game accurate and faithful to history than expected, and the analysis is definitely worth a watch.

Narrator Indy Neidell explains that things like the German soldier using a shovel as a weapon, or the British soldier using a German-made rifle are all accurate representations of what happened in WWI. The same goes for tanks and other vehicles behaving as they would have. Weapons and other equipment, like gas masks and pickaxes, are also true to form.

However, this being a video game, and one that doesn't intend to be a simulator, there are a few things that don't quite match up. This includes the use of heavy, metal body armor, and the numerous appearances of red planes.

Consider these aspects artistic license or what have you, but it's more than clear that DICE is putting an incredible amount of effort into accurately portraying trench warfare and the soldiers who were involved.

SOURCE The Great War/YouTube