Voice Chat to debut with Overwatch beta

/whisper, /tell, /reply. These were the tools of communication during early online gaming. Sure you also had various channels to talk in with your guild-mates, and you still do. But these days if you want to be competitive in any way, typing is just out of the question. You've got plenty of choices for when you want to get on a headset and chat. But sometimes too many choices is a bad thing. If the game you're playing has their own built-in voice chat client, then it just makes everyone's life easier. Which is exactly why Blizzard is entering the voice chat game.

It's true that World of Warcraft has had a voice chat option for some time, but the company is taking things a step further. When the Overwatch beta is released, Blizzard will also be releasing a beta of their new Voice Chat. As the name implies, the chat function will be built into their service, instead of into just a single game.

Blizzard has stated that it's too early in the development process to determine which games will be supported in the future. However, it's probably a pretty safe bet that most online games will eventually be added to the list.

For the time being, the only way you can test out the new Voice Chat is by signing up for the Overwatch beta. If accepted, you'll be able to simultaneously test the game, and the voice chat functionality.

VIA: PCGamer