Battery-operated mascara from Estee Lauder

It is rare that cosmetics make their way onto gadget blogs, however, this Estee Lauder mascara has managed to make its way onto several. Oddly, the mascara is battery-operated, to offer an extra edge above the competition.

I have on occasion been swayed to change brands due to a commercial that draws me in enough to make me think the new brand will do something new and spectacular. However, I typically find its no different from the rest. Essentially, it's black gunk wiped across eyelashes.

Yet, this battery-operated one is supposed to offer a full 360-degree coat on your lashes by vibrating the wand. To be honest, I still am skeptical that it is anything all that revolutionary, it's worth a shot though. It will be sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, releasing on July 17th.

[via slipperybrick]