Batman v Superman trailers show film you wont see

Today we're going to show you every piece of Batman v Superman footage available – clues aplenty. Clues as to what we're going to actually be seeing. What we're looking at here is how close the final film is going to end up being to what we're being presented. Is this film going to be a dark battle between Superman and Batman? Or is this going to be a movie that dismisses Superman almost entirely, focusing on the next generation of Batman fans in the process?

In the first "exclusive sneak" video released on the web, you'll find Superman depicted as a sort of demigod. Batman is tied up, mask on, and Superman approaches through a hall in which troops bow in his presence.

In this first teaser, Batman is the good guy and Superman very much appears to be the bad guy.

In the Comic-Con trailer you see Superman once again depicted as a bad guy, but this time as a fellow who shouldn't be in this position. Here, too, Batman is placed in a bad way. Batman is a vigilante.

These trailers are dark.

In "Official Trailer 2", we see much of the same footage as the first trailer, but here the tone has lightened significantly. Jesse Isenberg is introduced as Lex Luthor, and the jokes have begun.

The first TV spot shows us how Superman is being forced to fight Batman, and Batman is the willing participant. Also we are – again – in a lighter tone than the first very foreboding couple of trailers.

The second TV spot replicates Official Trailer 2 in a big way, focusing largely on Batman and the funny bits of Luthor.

TV spot 3 re-uses some of the footage from the first TV spot, this time showing how it's Superman's human alter-ego who is taking a lot of the push to apprehend Batman.

With photos, of course.

TV spot 4 puts Batman at the center of the movie, again. This time Batman is going to be hunting down Superman because he's a danger to the human race. Or he perceives that situation, anyway.

Alfred is here too. Alfred is displeased, as Alfred often is.

The so-called "Official Final Trailer" makes this a Batman movie. This movie is a comedy now, and one in which Batman is a lot more like the Batman we see in the Arkham video games than he has been the stiff, punch-only beast from the Batman films of old.

This is not Michael Keaton anymore. Not at all.

In short – this might just be the last movie for Henry Cavill. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he was replaced by the time Justice League rolled around.

This won't necessarily be a reboot of the Superman series we've been seeing for the past several years, but this version of Superman may just be toast.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25th, 2016.