Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, herald of the League

When a film is as full of hype as the upcoming Batman V Superman film, even the full title of the film is summoned as newsworthy. Today the folks responsible for continuing to fan the flame have revealed that title. The movie will be called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There can be no clearer suggestion that the age of the Justice League will soon be upon us. Unless we can see the Justice League symbol hidden in the shadows, it can't be more clear than this.

Before the Avengers film was released, there was The First Avenger. That's Captain America, essentially the equivalent of Superman in the Marvel Comics universe. Here in the DC Comics environment, Superman and Batman will undoubtedly face their fears of accidental evil and undeniable aims for good.

The film Batman V Superman also does away with any inkling of the "VS" bit in the the title. "V" can mean the same, but away with the battle thoughts between the two go. This film will have collaboration for the greater good.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released to theaters on May 6th, 2015. That's a little under a year from now.