Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch finally available

Batman: Arkham Knight was released a mess and now, finally, is getting a PC patch that will maybe (hopefully) squash all those bugs. The patch was recently up for beta testing, and on Thursday it was announced on Steam that those who'd already grabbed the Arkham Knight for PC game could now get the patch. If you didn't get the game when it was released (its sales were pulled a short while later), you'll still need to wait. When the PC game will be going back up for sale is not clear.

Back in July, a leak surfaced indicating that a PC patch was in the works but still a far way off, and we'd guessed it would be arriving in September some time. Luckily it has been made available right at the start of this month; whether it will prove to be the solution frustrated gamers have been waiting for is another matter. No one would blame Arkham owners for being jaded.

Sources say WB knew Arkham Knight PC was horribly broken

According to patch notes posted on Steam, the testing has been wrapped up and the patch is ready to fix a bunch of big problems. The low resolution texture bugs have been fixed, as have the problems encountered when using HDDs. There are more comprehensive in-game settings, better performance on all GPUs (assuming the newest drivers are installed), optimizations for both VRAM and system memory use, and, finally, corrections to the reduced frame rates problem.

That's only a bit of it, though. Warner Bros. says it is working on future updates presently, and those updates will bring additions as well as improvements. Issues encountered with AMD-based Windows 10 systems will be addressed, bug fixes for Windows 7 will be added, and more.

Current reports from those who have updated aren't so hot — there are complaints of new bugs, VRAM issues, and more.

SOURCE: Steam Community