"Bat-Signal for the Internet" teased by "Internet Defense League"

This week you'll find that no greater defense against those that would have their evil way with the web can be found than the "Bat-Signal for the Interet" as teased by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. This fellow is one of several internet activists working together to protest web-containing bills such as SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA, three of the more famous bits of legislation to have popped up in Washington and abroad this past several months. To defend said internet, Ohanian and friends will be working in what they call the "Internet Defense League" with which they intend to be taken entirely seriously.

Of course as you well know, SOPA and PIPA were taken down with interenet-based protests launched from sites like Reddit just a few months ago. The web that surrounds these takedowns is being spoken to when Ohanian and advocacy group Fight for the Future speak out and promise a Bat-Signal. This Bat-Signal, as they describe it, will be implemented as follows:

"Whatever website you own, this is a way for you to be notified if something comes up and take some basic actions...If we aggregate everyone that's doing it, the numbers start exploding. [With a one-line HTML code] people who wish to be tapped can see, oh look, the Bat-Signal is up. Time to do something." – Ohanian for the Internet Defense League

We're going to go ahead and guess that the technique the Interenet Defense League plans on using will be found a bit suspicious in light of the forces they wish to fight. According to co-director of Fight for the Future Tiffiny Cheng, the code implanted on willing user's websites will have the ability to blackout the entire site its embedded on.

"We'll invent something at the time, and it will be some really unified and shocking action. We're creating the tools and the forms of protest that allow for viral organizing. That's how the SOPA protests were able to get started and grow to the level they did." – Cheng for Fight for the Future and the Internet Defense League

Ohanian also spoke up about other actions web users can take to keep the internet safe from harmfull government bills. One idea in particular shouldn't be so outlandish to the citizens of our fine country – but lo! It certainly is. Attributing this idea to Cheezburger Network chief executive Ben Huh, Ohanian suggests that everyone have their state legislator's phone numbers on speed-dial:

"They're like tech support, or customer service. It's like calling Comcast. They work for us, and we should have their number in our phones and be able to call them when something is upsetting us. Why not? Even something as basic as that brings home a point that SOPA and PIPA proved: That still, in the face of everything else that's screwed up in Washington, we the American people can fix things." – Ohanian

So stay tuned, crimefighters, and hit the SlashGear main news feed for all things privacy across the web – same Bat URL, Same Bat Connection!