Barnes & Noble NOOK Video app arrives on iOS, Android, and Roku

Every big internet company has a movie and TV show store it seems, and Barnes & Noble certainly doesn't have a problem joining in on the already-saturated market. The company announced NOOK Video almost a year ago, and they're just now bringing the service to iOS, Android, and Roku streaming devices for free.

The new app lets users browse movies and TV shows, and either buy or rent them for streaming. Obviously, NOOK tablets have had NOOK Video capabilities ever since the launch of the service, but this is the first time that the app is breaking its exclusivity and providing more mobile users with their services.

NOOK Video launched almost a year ago, but it hasn't been a popular option compared to the current giants that are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon's Prime Instant Video. NOOK tablet users have a bit of an incentive to use the service more so than iOS and Android owners. However, it seems the company was smart enough to spread the service to more users.

While NOOK Video has also lacked on movie and TV show content variety, Barnes & Noble recently signed a deal with several production companies, like Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount to bring a slew of titles to NOOK Video for users to enjoy. However, it's still probably not enough to get avid Netflix users to switch over anytime soon.