Banned Android Apps store being developed by ClockworkMod maker Koush

The same fellow that brought you and continues to bring you the most famous ROM handler on the hacked Android circuit ROM Manager, Koushik Dutta, aka Koush, has been developing an app store for the relatively small number of banned Android apps out in the wild today. Included in this sort of rogue appstore will be not only gaming emulators that've been tossed from the official market, but Visual Voicemail apps, one-click rooting apps, and other such gems that have otherwise found themselves on the short end of the banning stick ala Google. Full fledged ROMs will MAYBE be included in this app store as well, and should it take off, a full collection of flash-ready modifications for your already hacked Android device.

For there is a large population of modification-loving Android citizens out there today, Koush right there in the midst of them, working to bring the most complicated situations down to a couple of taps and the doors open to the public. What you'll be able to do with this new app store, you hackers you, is download software the same way you've been able to thus far from the official app market, but the content will be closer to that which you've been downloading from the forums. In this way, the whole situation will be made that much easier for all on-the-go developers.

This app store will appear, if it works out, in future builds of CyanogenMod, and will be pulling tiny bits of profit out of apps that are sold on the new market. All the funds will then go to the CyanongenMod project. Koush has spoken specifically about "one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, Visual Voicemail apps, and more" and we expect the project to move to a real live product somewhere inside 2012, but not anytime soon!

[via Koush]