Banish cold cups

Chris Davies - Nov 25, 2006

Y’know, my skills as a poet are woefully under-utilised here on SlashGear.  Yes, I get shiny things to review and an opportunity to bleat about the latest news, but where are the haiku’s?  Sometimes it’s nice to sit down on a large and squashy bean-bag, drink about thirteen cups of coffee and write poems about the latest Blackberry or what Steve Jobs is up to.  At times like those, however, I’m constantly upset by the coldness of my coffee cup against my lips – a sensation like that can really interfere with your rhyming couplets, you know – and so I’m relieved to the point of elation that Jura has fashioned this glass’n’steel standalone cup warmer.

With room for up to 16 standard coffee cups or 24 of your favourite espresso cups, it uses a convection heater that quickly reaches operating temperature and holds it stable.  Jura are charging $1,000 for this beauty, which is a lot, but if you serve a lot of coffee then it might be worth it.

Personally I’m off to write a grubby limerick about Google.

Jura [via Appliancist]

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