Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i now available to purchase

Last month we mentioned that high-end audio company Bang & Olufsen had unveiled a new set of earphones called the EarSet 3i. At the time the new earphones were announced we didn't have any idea what they would cost or exactly when you would be able to get them. We figured they would be in the $250 range compared to some of the other earphones B&O offers. The company has announced that the EarSet 3i is now available to purchase in any B&O showroom in the country.

The EarSet 3i replaces the EarSet 3 and while we expected them to cost $250, B&O is offering the earphones for the same $199 price as the predecessor. The EarSet 3i is designed for use with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad and has an inline remote that will allow you to control tracks. That remote also has a mic for making and receiving phone calls.

B&O promises outstanding sound quality, which is what the brand is known for. Each of the earpieces weight 8 grams and they have loops to help them stay in place with activity. The earphones are made from aluminum and soft touch rubber and have a 1m long cord. The frequency range is 50-20,000 Hz and the connector is a 3.5mm mini jack.