Band Hero DS "Drum Grip" for Nintendo DS revealed

Activision have been showing off their latest peripheral, and this time they've set their sights on your pocket.  Set to be included with every purchase of Band Hero DS, the upcoming musical game for Nintendo's clamshell console, the Band Hero DS Drum Grip is a rubberized silicon sleeve that fits over the DS Lite.

In doing so, the DS Lite's D-pad and face buttons are turned into four convenient drum pads, which according to Band Hero DS executive producer David Nathanielsz makes for a more comfortable gaming experience.  "The have this really nice push-back, bounce-back feel to them," he told gaming site Kotaku. "They fit your thumbs well. If you start banging on that d-pad [without it,] you'd get blisters and you won't have that feel."

Worth noting is that Band Hero DS is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi, and neither will the Drum Grip fit over the newer handheld.  No word on how much the game and controller-sleeve will cost when it arrives this fall.

[via Kotaku]