Ballmer Clippers speech baptizes the team in screams

A whole new environment has been introduced to the wild attitude of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer this week as he takes over as owner of the LA Clippers. The video you're about to see will excite you, thrill you, and generally make you glad to be Clippers fan, if you are already. If you're not, Ballmer may just make you want to start.

Ballmer suggested the following whilst speaking up at the rally: "I'll boldly say the Clippers will win many, many, many more Larry's in the next 26 than over the past 26!" He also screamed inaudibly and gave out his personal email address. It's S (no space) Ballmer (at) Clippers (dot) com.

To see Ballmer speak, you're going to want to fast-forward to 2:46:30 – there begins the true heat of the session.UPDATE: the video has been adjusted – just about 30 seconds into the video at this point. No riff-raff.

UPDATE 2: This video should serve you better – no fast-forwarding required. All yelling.

He yells about the Larry O' Brian trophy. he hells about how they'll be winning championships in the future. He yells about – basically everything you'd not have expected for a group that's never (yet) gotten to the NBA finals.

And Ballmer will not be moving the Clippers to Seattle. Don't you worry about that.