Ballistic SG Case for Epic 4G Touch Hands-on Review

Now we don't often review cases for much of anything here on SlashGear, but when I saw this bulky masterpiece of a rubber and plastic prison for the Epic 4G Touch, I knew I had to take a closer peek at it. The full name of this case probably wins the war for long names of cases since its host has the big hunk of it: Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Ballistic SG. How's that ring your bell for a shelf name? Have a quick look with yours truly at this massive case and see why they put an exclamation point after the cover's "DROP PROTECTION!"

This case has what Ballistic says is three layers of hard and soft plastic protection plus extra large corners for those most dangerous of falls. What this means in the short run is that it's not going to be as easy to put your phone in your pocket after this case is applied and surrounding it in its big squishy, rubbery hug of protection. What it means in the long run is that you're going to have a tough time busting your device in the everyday swing of things.

The case itself comes in two pieces – one that's mostly soft (but thick) rubbery material to absorb most of the impact, and one that's a harder plastic that clamps on after the rubber is applied so it doesn't fall off and for extra added protection as well. Have a peek at the application video, then pick yourself up a few of these bad mothers over at Ballistic's page for online sales. Find whatever color you like, just so long as it's black or pink, right over at this purchase site for $34.99 and grab em!