Ballistic Every1 case goes top-class for Galaxy S III, iPhone 5, and Lumia 920

If Ballistic cases are the gauge for how the industry is swinging, it's good news for Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, because their newest and most hardcore unit is headed to all the heroes – including the Lumia 920. Included with the standard fare – that being the iPhone 5 first, then a Samsung device (the Galaxy S III here near the end of 2012), it's the Nokia Lumia 920 that's up for protection next. And this "Every1" case is a doozy, too.

What you're going to see with this case – and case series – is slim protection that's made to be both rugged and usable by anyone and everyone. This case has built-in Active Latches Suspension Springs to keep the device suspended with a 1mm air gap all around. Built-in port covers keep your device dirt resistant from start to finish, too.

You've got a built-in screen protector and there's a second model also coming with kickstand and easy on-the-go viewing. You've got four layers of protection to keep this beast of a case swaddling your smartphone with nothing less than the best protection Ballistic has ever delivered. Adam Stubin, VP of Business Development, Ballistic, has made it clear that they're pretty pumped up about the whole situation:

"We looked at the best features of our previous series' and thought 'why not combine them all? The Every1 Case is exactly that...a protective case that satisfies everyone's needs." – Stubin

You're going to be able to pick this case up for $50 in not just a variety of shapes based on the smartphone you've got on-hand, but a variety of colors as well. The Nokia Lumia device owners out there amongst you will know instantly what it means to need color options, that's for certain – stay bright!

This case will be out for the iPhone 4/5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Express, and Nokia Lumia 820/920 immediately if not soon at your favorite online (and offline) retailers – color power!