BAE Systems Plans to Use E-Ink to Camouflage Tanks

BAE Systems is a British defense firm that specializes in bringing some of the coolest, and craziest ideas to military personnel. Based on concept designs that the firm believes can be brought into reality in a short amount of time, their new idea to hide tanks on the battlefield is certainly one that could make E-Ink awesome.

BAE Systems has designed a concept that would work with a collection of sensors, and E-Ink distributed over the entirety of a tank. The idea is that the sensors would take readings from the surroundings. The sensors would take in the terrain, colors, and other information that the E-Ink would then be projected over the tank's body, essentially camouflaging it on the spot.

Unfortunately for BAE Systems, the technology needed to make this happen is simply too expensive at this point, especially to deploy it into a battlefield. However, the defense firm believes that they can get it up and running inside of Afghanistan within a few years.

[via DVICE]