BAE Systems' Unmanned Stealth Bomber Taranis Still in Testing, Can Think for Itself

As much as the technology industry evolves every day, so is the battlefield. As the United States military spends time and money on trying to figure out ways to get our soldiers off the battlefield, but keep our country secure, we get new projects like BAE Systems' Taranis. Not only is this definitely one of the most frightening images we've ever seen of a vehicle (of any type), it only gets worse when you put the picture with the details

We'll just go ahead and say this: we're glad that it's one of ours. At least, for now. You see, the Taranis is an unmanned Stealth Bomber, designed to do exactly what you think: fly into enemy territory undetected, and then drop its payload where it counts. The kicker is, there's no pilot actually in the aircraft. While that's not great feat in of itself, considering all the PREDATORS flying around out there, it does get pretty amazing when you think about the sheer size, and complexity of the jet itself, along with its missions.

And while there are always going to be a team controlling Taranis as it flies around and does its job, the craft is also fully capable of thinking for itself, apparently. Yes, you read that right. There's no clear-cut details about this part (surprise, surprise), but as of right now the Taranis is still in testing. However, there should be a working model, with weapons, flying around the (not so) friendly skies within a few years. So, keep your eyes up.

[via Jalopnik]