Bada 2.0 set to hit India in July

If you like the Samsung Bada OS and you have been, wondering where version 2.0 is it seems that the new OS might be landing around July. The word of the launch date it tipped by a Samsung exec in India named Dipesh Shah. According to this exec, the rough July date is what Samsung is aiming for at least in India.

The exec also claims that Samsung has sold Bada powered handsets in number similar to the sales of Android handsets in India. Shah also noted that Samsung it targeting a market share of about 30% for Bada, which would be a significant increase from the 10-15% the OS has right now.

We talked a bit about the Bada 2.0 OS back in December. The update is supposed to bring with it some new features along with an all new SDK supporting Linux and Mac computers. The big features are tipped to be multitasking, NFC and an improved version of TouchWiz.

[via SamsungHub]