Bada 2.0 for Wave devices in 2012 says Samsung

There are more than just a couple of mobile operating systems out there in the world, believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, and if Samsung has anything to say about it in 2012, you'll know the third heat to be Bada. We've had our hands on a few devices late this year running Samsung's own personal brand of operating system, each of these devices with the lovely "Wave" name attached to them, and we're to understand today that an update will be coming to a handful of these devices inside 2012. Hopefully it'll be early on in the year as the last time we heard the Bada 2.0 update was swinging through was inside 2011, and that's no longer looking too likely.

This update to the small set of handsets that'll be getting it, namely the Wave I, Wave II, Wave 723, Wave 578, and Wave 575, will bring about not only a better UX and UI framework for your everyday working experience, but big enhancements like multi-application execution and background launching of apps. This update will also be appreciated by carriers galore as it'll bring possible Ad gateways and Operator billing (which will, for example, allow you to put an app payment on your monthly data bill.)

Wave 3 running early build of Bada 2.0

It's Sammy Hub that brings this update straight from Samsung's Turkey Facebook page — this means that although the official nature of the announcement is not as solid as we'd normally hope that it'd be, it can still pretty much be counted upon. Also 2012 in general is long enough a period of time that this announcement is basically true mathematically: chances are there's no way Bada 2.0 WONT be released inside next year.

[via Samsung Turkey]