Back to the Future: The Musical: skateboards and all

Chris Burns - Jan 31, 2014
Back to the Future: The Musical: skateboards and all

While we’re still crossing our fingers for the release of the real-deal Hoverboard by the time 2015 rolls around, for now we’ll have what’s second best: a musical based on the Back to the Future film series. Here we’re going to see a stage musical version of the first Back to the Future with Director Robert Zemeckis, book by Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd (and Zemeckis), and a bunch of new music as well.

This release will be accompanied by new music and lyrics from composer Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard – record producer and songwriter, if you did not know. All three of the original films were written by the man who’ll be directing this musical, Zemeckis, while Bob Gale was also responsible for the script then as well as now.


Alan Silvestri also wrote the music for the films and will be writing the music here. At the moment it’s not clear if Huey Lewis and the News will have anything to do with the project, but it has been suggested that if the production does well enough, it could be headed to Broadway not long after launch.

The production also includes a skateboard consultant – Andrew Willis. You’ll also see this fellow in a recent production, a mini-documentary, by Google showing how he took a 3-month lease of a piece of land in East London and turned it into a skatepark using bits and pieces of leftovers from the 2012 London Olympics.

Willis will be working with those in the play that’ll be skating around here and there for a couple of the key scenes – if the production plays out like the movie does, that is.


Producers of this Back to the Future musical include Colin Ingram, Donovan Mannato, CJ E&M, Universal Stage Productions, and Steven Spielberg’s own Amblin Entertainment. So it’s a real official sort of situation, to say the least.

VIA: The Telegraph

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