Back to the Future scene recreated with Tesla Cybertruck

A YouTube channel by the name of 'Elon McFly' has published a recreated scene from the first Back to the Future movie that features the Tesla Cybertruck instead of a DeLorean. The recreation is very well done, appearing just as realistic and smooth as the original version. The video also tosses in a couple of fun elements, including an 'LOL GAS' license plate.

Tesla's Cybertruck has a blocky design that some have praised as futuristic and refreshing, and that others have criticized as something that looks like it was plucked from a Nintendo 64 game. Regardless of how you feel about it, the vehicle was the perfect choice to replace the DeLorean in this key Back to the Future scene.

The scene is less than a minute long and features the clip where Doc Brown introduced Marty to his newly built time having him stand in a parking lot while the crackling, glowing vehicle speeds directly at him. As expected, the car — er, the Cybertruck — disappears in a dramatic flash of light and only two blazing tire trails remain.

As you'd expect from the quality of the work, this isn't an amateur production. The recreation was made by experts with visual effects studio Fort York located in Toronto. Eleven people were involved with the project, as well as Creative Director Mike Bishop, including four CG artists, another four flame artists, one flame assistant, and two VFX producers.

Ultimately, the video is a faithful recreation of the original, one that features a vehicle with the same sort of unusual, arguably 'futuristic,' appearance of the original DeLorean. You can check out the Tesla Cybertruck here.