Axed Nokia 5MP slider stars in final photoshoot

It's not only Motorola canning in-development handsets: details have emerged of a slick Nokia slider, complete with Prism-stylings and 5-megapixel camera, that made it to pre-production stage but then got cancelled.  The unnamed handset has a crystal-finish purple body and Carl Zeiss optics, and looks as though it could have slotted into the company's Prism range of high-fashion phones.

Exact specifications are a mystery – and all academic, anyway – but much of the functionality is believed to be the same as the Nokia 6260 Slide which was announced last week.  What the 6260 doesn't have is a particularly attractive casing; however it's possible that Nokia decided the market for a metallic purple slider just wasn't there in these financially-trying times.

According to Mobile-Review, Nokia judged that demand for the handset was low, and axed further development.  It's likely not to be the last cellphone cut off before it even reaches focus groups.

[via Unwired View]