Awesome EXOdesk has interactive 40-inch touchscreen embedded

You can put a 40-inch touchscreen on top of your desk if you are so inclined, but the cool EXOdesk is the first piece of furniture I have seen with a big 40-inch touchscreen inside the desk surface. The geeks over at TheLongClimb have a bunch of photos of the EXOdesk along with some of the interactive screens that the big touch panel in the surface can show.

The EXOdesk comes from EXOpc, the company behind the tablet that looked interesting last year. According to the details, the 40-inch touchscreen has 10-point touch and 1080p resolution. The viewing angles are supposed to be 178-degrees and it will be shown off at CES in January. The manufacturer of that display device is being kept secret, but is supposed to be well known.

This reminds me more than a little of Microsoft Surface. The desk will run apps made using HTML5. The surface will have touchpad zones and a keyboard that can be changed for use by anyone. A dev kit is available with JavaScript extensions and more. EXOdesk can be used with a PC or as a second screen for your existing computer. The price for the EXOdesk is said to be $1299. The desk won't launch at the show but the launch is promised for 2012.

[via The Verge]