ExoPC slate delayed again due to manufacturing problem

I mentioned back in September that the ExoPC Slate was up for pre-order and was set to ship on October the 15. That ship date will be missed for most of the units due to a problem in the building of the machines.ExoPc states that there was a manufacturing process error when some of the machines were damaged during building. The machines are being built by Pegatron and an automated tool that was used in the touchscreen manufacturing process was faulty and used too much force. The excess force cracked the screens in some of the test units. ExoPc says that the faulty equipment was replaced and that a new source for the screens was chosen that offers the same specs, but is stronger.

ExoPC says that not all of the first shipments were damaged. The catch is that the 64GB SSDs were not received so all the first batch received were 32GB versions. The small amount of machines that weren't damaged will be shipped on October 18. More units will be available to start shipping on October 29 including some 64GB units and will go out the first week of November. To make up for the delay each unit shipped will include a stylus with the pre-order and an ExoPc stand will ship with them as well.