AVIIQ Portable Charging Station Review [Video] - a real life saver, to say the least

Every once in a while there's a product that comes out on the tech circuit about which a fellow like myself says wow, I am glad this thing exists, and I will certainly use it to the fullest. That time has come again, and it's come at the advent of the AVIIQ Portable Charging Station. You're going to see an iPad 2 and an iPod plugged into this device if you see the box on the shelf, but myself being an Android sort of person, you'll be seeing a Galaxy S II, an HTC Sensation, and a Verizon LTE mobile hotspot plugged into this device instead. A multi-port mobile charging station is what it is, and having literally utilized it whilst traveling from Minnesota to Texas for a three day trip to HP, I can tell you that yes, it's definitely pretty awesome.


What you get in the box is a zipped-up portfolio case a little smaller than one of your old CD-holding portfolios from the past. The zipper is high quality and the only marking on the entire product is a single AVIIQ label sewn into the rim. Open it up and you've got a mesh pocket and a large pocket on the right and several velcro-held panels on the left along with two pieces of hardware held down by straps. The first is a wall-charger that's got a 124cm cable attached, this cable then able to plug into the second piece of hardware, a four-port USB hub which is also able to plug into a separate USB port with a extendable USB cord upstream host.

What's all that mean? Go watch the video, you'll understand instantly. Basically what you've got here is everything you need to charge your multiple devices except the cords – the cords of course coming with your devices anyway. Charge up all your junk at once, then roll up your cords and hold them in the case like a pro, leaving only the single piece of equipment, all zipped up nice, easy to then toss in your backpack, suitcase, or briefcase. No problem.

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Hands-on with the AVIIQ Portable Charging Station


I literally put this product in my backpack without reading any sort of help material and understood how to use it basically instantly upon opening it up once I got to Texas. My trips to various places around the United States and abroad from my home base in Minnesota make for interesting packs of gadgets, and certainly cords and charging are an issue no matter where I end up staying for an event. With this case, it's simple. One piece of equipment. No hassle.


Again, watch the video, check out the photos below. It's simple, and either you're going to have no use for this product simply because you only bring a single device along with you on a trip, or you're going to be an average everyday tech maniac like the rest of the readers on SlashGear and you're going to have a heart attack over how cool and helpful this product is.

You can purchase the AVIIQ Portable Charging Station straight from AVIIQ online for $79.99 USD right this minute, and there's even a 30 day money-back guarantee attached. Fabulous.