Avido WiBa is the Human Centipede of wireless chargers

Just when you've thought the mobile world had figured out wireless charging pads, Avido comes up with a curveball. Today the company introduced its new WiBa dual-charging wireless power system. Yes, that's the full name of the device, but in fairness to Avido, there's good reason for such a long and convoluted name.

After all, the WiBa is both a charging pad and power bank rolled into one product. This means you can buy one device and have wireless charging both at home and on the go. The wired charging pad – which you plug into an outlet and keep at home – will charge both the power bank and your phone at the same time.

When you're heading out, take the power bank with you to give your phone an extra bit of wireless juice when you're away from an outlet. The power bank isn't as big as some of the USB behemoths we see offered through places like Amazon, clocking in at only 5,000 mAh. Still, that should be enough to top off most phones, and if you're not anticipating being away from your plug-in charger for too long, it should get the job done nonetheless.

The WiBa works with all Qi phones, so while the promo materials show an iPhone X, you'll be able to use this with Qi-compatible Android phones like the Note 8 or Galaxy S8. As far as wireless charging products go, this is one of the more unique ones, especially when you realize that the wireless charging station will actually charge your phone as the power bank is charging underneath.

That kind of flexibility is going to cost you, though. Avido has announced a price point of $99.95 for the WiBa, which is a fair bit more than other Qi wireless charging pads. We won't see this launch until sometime in February, but it's up for pre-order now on Avido's website if you already know you want one.