Avengers: Infinity War release date change: Solo Switch

In a highly coordinated effort, Robert Downey Jr and the Marvel Studios Twitter accounts announced a last-minute date switch for the next Avengers movie. Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 27th, 2018, instead of its original release date of May 4th. They also dropped a hint about the "Fantastic" nature of the film.

New Date Time

Likely due to a combination of other-film elements, Marvel rolled their release back a week. Deadpool 2 comes out in mid-May and Black Panther's now had three weeks of massive profits. If Marvel wants the same for Infinity War, they'll be smart for moving the film back a week. Especially since Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming up quick, too.

Avengers: Infinity War needed three weeks. This move gets them that three weeks. Only a studio as big as Marvel Studios could have asked for such a big move by movie theaters across the planet at such a last-minute sort of timeframe. But given the spots the previous Avengers films have had in all-time box office smash listings, it's not difficult to assume theaters everywhere would do anything to get that third installment.

ALSO NOTE: The image you see above is a poster made by CamWin. You can see more action from this creator over at DeviantArt.


Finally, it should be noted that Marvel Studios uses the word FANTASTIC in their move-date tweet. This might be nothing – in fact there's a good chance this is absolutely nothing to look into. But just in case... There's a CHANCE that the Disney monster might own the rights to Fantastic Four, at this point. If true, this would be a very interesting place to release them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Maybe a new origin story involving the Infinity Gems is in order? Imagine a Fantastic Four that wasn't created by some silly space accident. Gems, man, gems. Let's jam as many superheroes into this movie as we can, alright?