AVATAR iTunes Extras Special Edition makes you want it all over again

There's this movie out there called AVATAR, perhaps you've heard of it, that's been what its creators have had no trouble saying is ground breaking innovations surrounding it since it was first previewed – and today it's been announced that through its iTunes sales channel, the folks at Twentieth Century Fox will be bringing you a whole new interactive experience for the movie unique to the platform. You'll be able to do things like use your mouse as a wand to see where the green-screen is behind the real actors, see the behind the scenes scenes with full menus, and deconstruct "some of the movie's most memorable scenes." This purchase will set you back $19.99 for the HD version or $14.99 for the SD version, and it all starts today (pre-orders, anyway.)

You'll see everything this special edition has to offer in the video below: pay close attention to that Green Screen X-ray portion, that could lead to some big things in interactive movie entertainment if allowed to expand. For now though it seems like most of these special edition bits are limited to single "pivotal" scenes while the rest of the movie will be yours to continue thinking about on your own time. Deconstruction of scenes in simultaneous different-angled views.

You'll also be getting the original screenplay as written by James Cameron, his scriptment of the movie – this being essentially a novella of some scenes complete with dialog, and one big gigantic gallery of 1,700 images. This release should be interesting to watch as Avatar is already the highest grossing film in history thus far and still holds the title for top-selling Blu-ray disk in history as well. Will you pick it up?