AV Behemoth - but where's Vista?

A little bit of free consultancy for you all: if you're going to call your product "Clever", you better make damn sure it lives up to the name.  Therein lies the challenge for UK-based CyberSelect, who have seen fit to name their latest Media Centre PC the Clever 3000.  First impressions are okay; it's a big box, for sure, but a relatively handsome one at that, and it wouldn't look out of place in a rack of home AV equipment.  But do the guts of it live up to the name?

Well, you can't argue with the storage.  2TB lurks in there, as a 1,500GB RAID array, snuggling up to 2GB of RAM, dual hybrid tuners (or three digital tuners, your choice) and an Intel Core2 Duo processor.

It sure ain't cheap, however.  We're talking £3347.58 ($6595), and it doesn't even come with Vista (just XP Media Centre).  Check out the rest of the specs on their site, and since the last pre-built media PC prompted so much discussion about the pros & cons of home-built alternatives why not let us know how you'd spend all that budget on your own media monster in the comments. 

CyberSelect [via The Red Ferret Journal]