Autonomous DIY robot based on cheap MAKE Controller

It seems like DIY robots are gaining momentum, as more low-cost and straightforward controllers become available.  Latest is this wireless-equipped model, based on the MAKE Controller and using a Logitech wireless ethernet bridge actually intended to get an Xbox console online.

Into that mixture goes a webcam, in this case a D-Link IP model which hooks up via a five-port ethernet hub the robot totes around on its back, together with a Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor for automatic navigation.  The handiwork of Patrick Adesso, all the programming is in Flex and ActionScript, and he makes it available to download should you be keen to make your own version.

Both remotely-controlled and autonomous modes are available, and you can log into a secure website and direct the robot from anywhere with an internet connection.  The MAKE Controller is priced at $85 while the Lynxmotion rover chassis (now discontinued) was $215. 

[via MAKE]