Automatica Mk2 keeps your car synced with your online music collection

Chris Burns - Nov 27, 2013
Automatica Mk2 keeps your car synced with your online music collection

This week the second iteration of the device called Automatica has appeared, this time sporting the ability to connect to the web. While the original Automatica device was as simple as a USB device could be without simply being a dongle, this music-toting machine also connects to the web, allowing you to sync with your online music collection whenever you happen to be parked.

Automatica links to a variety of services in this second version of its hardware life, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft’s Skydrive, SoundCloud, and Box. You’ll be able to connect to video pages like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, and a collection of podcast channels as well. The one thing you’ll need to have on-hand before you get the device itself is a car that has a USB port in its audio system.

Supposing your in-car stereo is able to read from USB, you’ll be in business. Automatica connects to the web whenever you’re in range of a Wi-fi hotspot and syncs up with your music collection. Automatica keeps this music collection on its internal cache, allowing you to play tunes no matter your web connection on the go.

Automatica Mk2 works with 10GB of internal storage space and has a microSD card slot for 64GB more – if you do so choose to add on. This device works with 1GB of internal DDR RAM and an ARM Cortex A8 processor to boot.

This device now works with an Android app and a web-based login so you’ll be able to manage your music collection from any smart device. The hardware involved in this device is about the size of an extra-tall pocket lighter with a straw hanging out the top of it. You’ll be able to pick this device up for a cool $159.00 USD right this minute.

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