Automatica smart USB for cars offers cloud and podcast syncing

Listening to audio in cars, whether that audio is in the form of podcasts, your favorite music, or audiobooks, can be a hassle if not done right. INRETE aims to make the process simple with its newly announced plug-and-play Automatica, which syncs audio from Dropbox and other online services. The device can store 24 hours of audio, and works with any vehicle that has a USB port.

Upon setting up the device, users will be directed to the Automatica website, where they will select which cloud services store their audio content, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SkyDrive. The device can also be pointed to podcasts. Wi-Fi will need to be set up; the device can be connected to your home network, can be tethered to a smartphone for in-car connectivity, and can latch on to open networks when you're out traveling.

INRETE President Giorgio Bernardi offered this statement. "This plug and play device allows for users that have a USB port in their vehicle to enjoy instant audio content – without any further modifications to the vehicle. Our goal is to simplify this process by making it easy to use, yet make it personal for each user with our online interface."

Content is automatically synced from the cloud services and podcasts selected during setup whenever the USB drive is in range of a wireless network. This means the dongle never has to be plugged into a computer or manually messed with in any way. When a new podcast is released, for example, the device will nab it over the air for your listening pleasure. Automatica can be pre-ordered now from for $99.