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Colorado State University
PC Gaming, Software, Gaming Culture
  • Erik has interviewed a number of developers and figures in the gaming industry, like the narrative leads on ESO, and the "Sea of Thieves" devs around the time of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" crossover.
  • In the past he focused more on political coverage, interviewed figures like Dr. Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders' campaign manager, and covered every rally in Las Vegas during the Nevada 2016 Primaries.
  • As part of a small team, Erik wrote well over 200 guides and features on "Elden Ring" within the first three months of release, and he's among the few who can say he has a pretty solid grasp on what's going on in the "Dark Souls" trilogy – just don't ask him about "Bloodborne," it's a good way to get him ranting about a PC port.


After writing for – and eventually running – the Rocky Mountain Collegian, and after graduating from CSU, Erik began to move into online media and Arts and Culture coverage. Eventually he found his way into games writing with features at Game Rant and news at Static Media. Since then, he has published over a thousand guides and other stories – Erik's passion for learning, his affinity for writing, and his heightened skill at (some) things make the work come naturally.


After moving between the U.S. and the U.K. throughout his childhood, Erik moved to Colorado to pursue a Journalism and PoliSci degree at CSU. There, he worked at the student paper for the better part of two years, was a member of the college SPJ chapter, and ended up serving as the Editor-in-Chief before his graduation in 2019.
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