Edwin Arce

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San Diego
Binghamton University
Gaming, Technology, Science
  • Edwin was born during the waning end of the 3rd wave of video games and spent a healthy chunk of his life since then with a controller or keyboard in hand. In later years, he picked up a side-hustle hobby of finding old, classic consoles to repair and sometimes upgrade.
  • In his current role as a systems administrator for a growing tech company, Edwin continues to strengthen his knowledge of - and passion for - the nitty gritty in modern tech systems.
  • Science—particularly high energy physics and space exploration—is a deep passion of Edwin's. He peppered his formal education with many classes on the topic, and expanded beyond as something of a fanboy of the sciences, making pilgrimages to interesting research sites all over the world including NASA, CERN, Fermilab, and JAXA.


Edwin has written in a wide range of fields, from published poetry, pulp fiction, video game reviews, and guides to the Japanese language. His writing can be found at such places as DeepDishGaming and Linguaholic. His hobbyist passion for computers and coding led him to his current job, helping to keep the 1's and 0's flowing at veterinary offices around the US.


Edwin has his Bachelor of Arts in English from Binghamton University; he sets aside time every day to continue his informal studies through MOOCs focusing on computer science, mathematics, and language.
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