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Haunted iPhone posted on eBay

After the iPhone launch I expected all kinds of stories to pop up about it, yet never in a million years did I imagine this one coming up. Although the item has been removed from eBay, at one point there was a seller attempting sell a haunted iPhone.


Dell creates Designed for Dell accessories

Dell has decided to create a line of accessories called Designed for Dell exclusively for their computers. They have gotten Belkin, Built, Creative Labs, Iomega, Logitech, Swiss Gear and Targus to help create this new line.


One man’s recliner is another man’s laptop bag

There are enough laptop bags in the world that no matter your tastes, you’re bound to find one that fits. If you’re going to put out the effort to find the perfect bag, you might consider snagging one from an environmentally conscious company. These bags are actually made of recycled car seats and armchairs.


The Unbreakable Fighting Umbrella slices watermelons

We’ve all seen the movies with random elderly women beating the snot out of someone with her cane. Granted I’ve never seen that in real life I still tend to steer clear of anyone with a cane for fear they will knock me over the head with it. Maybe I’ve just watched The Lion King too many times. Now we have one more group to fear, those carrying umbrellas.


Wii Fit Balance Board skins from AMR Racing

If you’re tired of your Wii Fit Balance Board looking so incredibly white, now AMR Racing has released several skins to brighten it up. Besides, you have to cover up those smudge marks somehow if your Wii Fit has seen any kind of use.


Battlestar Glactica Toaster from the Sci-Fi Chanel

You have to love the Sci-Fi Channel, they play so many old sci-fi reruns and know exactly how to keep their viewers coming back for more. Now they are releasing a limited series of Galactica toasters.

They don’t just slap a Battlestar Glactica logo on the front either, this toaster will actually brand each piece with an image of Cylon. Making each piece of toast you pop in extra geeky.


The WoW Community gets positive publicity from mainstream media

The gaming community has a tendency to get a bad reputation, especially when it comes to the mainstream media. Thankfully, the LA Times has a story about a married couple playing WoW together and it’s actually positive.

The story is about Brad and Cynthia Murdock who are happily married and play WoW together. She actually started playing with him, so instead of grumbling she tried out the game.


The PLX Kiwi detects bad driving habits to save gas money

With gas prices on the rise, finding ways to save on gas money in anyway possible is always extremely helpful to at least keep the price tag manageable. Besides getting a new more fuel efficient car, sometimes it’s hard to find new ways to bring down the price though. That’s where this little gadget comes in.


Giant watch becomes a very strange table

Watches are a dying breed, we have enough gadgets that we already carry anyway that we don’t need to have one on our wrist. That is unless you just enjoy it as a fashion accessory. Well now you can have a watch table, just in case you’re feeling a bit sentimental about your long lost watch phase.


The very pink iPod Nano Case

I apologize, but it’s apparently a pink day. This does happen on occasion, it’s usually a sign that I’m about to be very ill. I can never decide if I’m writing up more pink stuff because I’m running a fever or if the pink stuff causes the illness. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Well this latest pink gear is a Nano case that even features a cute little face, as if the pink weren’t sweet and innocent enough. They of course had to add ears and that whole bear face. On the back of the case is a spot to wind the earbuds cord around, which is convenient, but it’d make it difficult to fit into your pocket.

At least it comes with a lanyard though. Maybe we can get a review unit of this in too and Vincent will have yet another thing to make poor Ann wear. The case itself is from Focal Point Computer, but beyond that there aren’t any details on the product.

[via akihabaranews]

The Solar Powered Sun Lounger

A solar powered sun lounger is one of those ideas that you feel like an idiot for not thinking up yourself. It just seems so obvious, it sits in the sun, you lounge in it. You quite obviously have gadgets, so why not charge them while slowly baking your skin to charred little bits.


The DIY Car Stereo Stock Radio Fake-Out

If you’re worried about someone thieving your car stereo, there is an Instructable posted to keep it hidden from thieves and ninjas alike. The modder shows exactly how to make it appear that you just have a very outdated tape deck.