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Camouflage for your satellite dish

It’s been a little while since I had a satellite dish last, but I remember all too well how grand it looked mounted to the front of the house I was renting. It was a tiny house too, so even being a small satellite dish it seemed to eat the entire front of the place.


Breast powered gadgets could be possible

Women that happen to be well endowed when it comes to bra size generally have plenty of well founded complaints. Large breasts cause back problems and for the athletic types they have on occasion had to resort to wearing two sports bras just to minimize bouncing.


Rumor : Virgin Mobile to absorb Helio into their brand name

Rumor : Virgin Mobile to absorb Helio into their brand name

There have been a few rumors pertaining to the future of Helio, one of which being that they will be shutting down some of their stores to cut down on costs. Another has been that Helio might be merging with Virgin Mobile.

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Live Luggage offers battery-operated suitcase

If you’re stuck toting around a lot of luggage then you know it can get tiring after a while. Especially for those that aren’t supposed to lift above a certain weight due to health concerns.


Xbox 360 handheld console concept design

Alright, the people that sit around and create these designs that make us gadget addicts heads go to mush are just cruel and unusual. This particular concept was featured in T3, it is an artist’s rendering of what was hinted at by Microsoft a while back ago.


Elecom girly earbuds coming in July

For all the ladies looking to replace their non-girly earbuds, these cute little polka dot guys will be hitting the market at the beginning of July. These earphones from Elecom come in two different versions.


This Nokia phone is pure trash – literally

Nokia has decided to try their hand at a green phone, it is a growing trend so perhaps it’s time for them to jump on the bandwagon as well. Although this is still a concept design, the fact that they are trying their hand at it even is a good sign.


The USB 4-Port Hub with Notebook Light

If you’re looking for a USB hub with more than one use, besides being one of the many that just happens to look cool. This little guy is a nice alternative, it not only has 4 different ports but a light as well.


The HomeStar Spa turns your bathroom into a planetarium

If you enjoy your baths but candlelight isn’t quite the right mood for you, this cool little planetarium is definitely great for those that are in need of mood lighting. With this you can lay back as it casts pretty starry skies onto your walls.

It makes me wish I could sit still long enough to soak in the tub, however, I just tend to enjoy showers way more. For those that aren’t as squirmy as I am, you can also flip the planetarium over and have it cast different colors and designs into the water itself.

The Homestar Spa from SEGA Toys is being sold for $70. It might also be cool for those with hot tubs to give different lighting than the boring colored bulbs that are usually featured in hot tubs.

[via geekologie]

The Big Time Wall Clock for the absent-minded

If you have a tendency to completely flake on what time it is, this giant wall clock is a nice reminder to keep you on time. The massive clock is large enough that no matter how busy you get, you can’t possibly miss the time.


The Hitachi HP-CN11 Swarvoski crystal earbuds

Apparently I’m on a shiny kick this morning, because I’ve managed to write up two different very shiny gadgets so far. This set of earbuds is looking overly girly already in the pretty pink and even has a Swarvoski crystal thrown in.


Loewe’s the Individual crystal-studded LCD TV

If you aren’t satisfied with just any LCD TV, this overly shiny version will surely keep your friends envious. This limited edition Loewe TV is covered in little crystals all along the edge, to give it that “I have too much money” look.

The TV pictures are displayed at 16:9 cinema format and is 1366 x 768 pixels. The TV decked out in crystals measures 80cm across, diagonally of course. It is sold in black as well as white, although the black looks plenty chic.