AuthenTec powers multi-touch features on LG eXpo

We already know the details on the LG eXpo smartphone with the pico projector attachment that surfaced at the end of November. The phone runs Windows Mobile 6.5 and the projector is detachable. The handset itself will sell for $199 with the pico projector selling for $179.AuthenTec is talking about its contribution to the device, its AES1711 integrated input controller also known as the AuthenTec smart sensor. The eXpo is the first smartphone to hit the U.S. that uses the AuthenTec sensor.

The smart sensor eliminates the need for pin codes and passwords because it can recognize fingerprints. The smart sensor also acts as a cursor controller to allow the user to control the cursor on the screen like a track pad. Other uses for the sensor include menu navigation and turbo-scroll for scrolling though long emails and web pages. It's interesting to me that the one sensor can read fingerprints and allow for navigation.