AUO set to produce 65-inch 3D panels in 2H 2010

Just about every major TV maker in the industry is getting 3D TVs ready. Many of the largest electronics companies are counting on 3D TV to drive significant sales and profits in 2010. Right now, all the 3D TVs that have been unveiled officially use active 3D glasses. For instance, the Panasonic 3D Home theater system that went on sale in select Best Buy stores last week uses active glasses. reports that one of the largest panel makers in the world — AUO — is set to exhibit new mass produced 65-inch 3D TV panels at the FPD China trade show kicking off tomorrow. The massive 1080p 3D panels will enter mass production in the second half of 2010.

Some of the best news is that the panels are designed to use passive 3D glasses costing only a fraction of what active glasses are demanding. Perhaps the coolest tech that AUO will be showing off at the show are panels that don't require glasses and a lenticular display. More folks will be interested in 3D TV in the home when we don't need to wear glasses to watch 3D programs.