AUO 14-inch OLED production imminent; LG Display 40-inch AMOLED in 2012

Could we soon be looking at large(ish) scale, reasonably priced OLED and AMOLED displays?  Probably not, at least when it comes to the pricing part, but both LG Display and AUO have announced mass production plans for their OLED and AMOLED panels, LG expecting to kick-start production in 2011 while AUO claims to be ready to start now.

The AUO plant will be pumping out 14-inch OLED displays, running at Full HD resolution and 157ppi density.  Each display boasts a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 200cd/m2 brightness, and is capable of 16m colors.  They cover 72-percent of the NTSC color gamut and run at 120Hz.  No news on whether AUO are positioning the OLEDs for TV or laptop use, but we'd quite like to whip out an OLED ultraportable in our local Starbucks.

As for LG Display, they're planning to begin AMOLED mass production at their new 5G plant in the second half of 2011.  The company will produce 30-inch and above displays in 2011, before shifting to 40-inch AMOLED production in 2012.

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