August View shipping paused, refunds given: Here's how

Today the folks at August revealed they'd be halting shipping their doorbell camera to new customers. Users that already have an August View doorbell will need to pay attention to this situation, too – it affects everyone involved. According to the company, they have become aware of some "performance challenges in specific user environments."

Representation of the company that sells August View suggested in a statement that "in order to fully evaluate the user feedback, implement critical improvements, run further testing, and keep our commitment to you, we are pausing shipping of the August View." This goes for all shipments that've not yet reached your front door – assuming they're not already onboard the delivery truck.

Those customers that've already purchased, own, and have in-operation an August View doorbell camera, you COULD keep using it if you did so wish. Users that would like to keep their product AND wish to assist August in aiming to "improve the performance" of the product, you can still get a refund AND keep the product.

If you're the helpful sort, you'll need to apply with August to make the transaction and agreement within the next seven days. This offer ends on May 3rd, 2019, 11:59 PM Pacific. Users that wish to get in on this refund/assistance deal, head over to the August View Refund Application form right about now.

If you purchased the doorbell through August dot com, you'll get a refund via the payment method you used to purchase the device. For all other purchases (that wish to use this refund application), you will get "the retail price of $229 to a provided PayPal account."

If you've not yet activated your August View and just want a refund, you can do so through whatever retail location through which you initiated purchase. That goes for August dot com, too.

The folks at August also suggested that "August View will be on sale again in the near future and when we have a date to share, you'll be the first to know." We are currently investigating the reasons behind the shipping pause and what fixes need to be made – stay tuned.