Augmented Reality magic video

Chris Davies - Apr 30, 2009
Augmented Reality magic video

We’ve talked about augmented reality (AR) here on SlashGear before, but we’ve never seen it incorporated into magic.  Performer Marco Tempest has created a unique act in which classic card tricks are integrated with real-time AR; in this demonstration video, he shows both what’s happening normally and what’s brought to the performance by the computer.

Augmented reality magic demo after the cut

Marco programmed the act in C++ with OpenFrameworks, OpenCV, ARToolkitPlus, MacCam and other open-source software and tools.  The system relies on the card tricks being viewed via a camera, with the software recognizing different elements and overlaying text, graphics and animation, even reacting to Marco’s gestures.

It sounds straightforward, but it’s well worth watching the six minute demo below.  Particularly interesting is watching the picture-in-picture non-AR “real view”.  For more on the ARToolkit, check out the project page.

[via MAKE]

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